Stanford Men's Golf Team 9-Time National Champion
History of Stanford Golf
Stanford's remarkable history has left its mark on the golf world.
Stanford Greats
The names are legendary: Little, Seaver, Rosburg, Watson & Woods and others.
Record Holders
Major champions, season records, career wins, lowest rounds, NCAA and conference champions.
National Champions
9 national championships have been won, including in 2019.
Men's Golf Members of the Stanford Athletics Hall of Fame + Grant Spaeth
Malcolm McNaughton '31 Charles Seaver '34 Lawson Little '34 Don Edwards '36
Art Doering '40 Warren Berl '42 Bud Brownell '42 Sandy Tatum '42
Bob Cardinal '47 Eddie Twiggs '32-47 Bob Rosburg '49 Dick McElyea '52
Steve Smith '61 Tom Watson '71 Bud Finger '48-76 Christian Cevaer '92
Notay Begay '95 Casey Martin '95 Tiger Woods '96 Joel Kribel '99
Wally Goodwin Grant Spaeth

Stanford Legends

Past teams and players (1925-Now)
Team & Individual Records

"I have fond memories of my years at Stanford.
I grew as both a person and a player at Stanford."

Tom Watson

The players and coaches above, excepting Grant Spaeth, have all been elected to the Stanford Hall of Fame.

This remarkable group of players spanning 8 decades has kept Stanford golf prominent nationally. Four of the Hall of Fame players (Little, Rosburg, Watson and Woods) have won national championships. One individual, Bud Brownell, may have joined this group except for his untimely death in WWII ending what could have been a remarkable career.

The influence of Stanford golfers in other fields has been equally impressive. Numerous company leaders, doctors and lawyers, and 3 USGA Presidents (Sandy Tatum, Grant Spaeth and Walter Driver) all played on Stanford golf teams.