Stanford Men's Golf Team 2007 NCAA National Champions
History of Stanford Golf
Stanford's remarkable history has left its mark on the golf world.
Stanford Greats
The names are legendary: Little, Seaver, Rosburg, Watson & Woods and others.
Numberous All-Americans played at Stanford over the years.
National Champions
8 national championships have been won, including in 2007.
Men's Golf Members of the Stanford Athletics Hall of Fame + Grant Spaeth
Malcolm McNaughton '31 Charles Seaver '34 Lawson Little '34 Don Edwards '36
Art Doering '40 Warren Berl '42 Bud Brownell '42 Sandy Tatum '42
Bob Cardinal '47 Eddie Twiggs '32-47 Bob Rosburg '49 Dick McElyea '52
Steve Smith '61 Tom Watson '71 Bud Finger '48-76 Christian Cevaer '92
Notay Begay '95 Casey Martin '95 Tiger Woods '96 Joel Kribel '99
Wally Goodwin '00 Grant Spaeth '54'

Tiger Woods
Tale of The Tiger by Bob Murphy

Woods_TigerTiger Woods. In only two years at Stanford, Tiger won a Stanford record tying 11 tournaments, including an incredible 8 wins in 13 starts in 1996. Woods was twice named a 1st team All-American - in both 1995 & 1996. He was the NCAA individual champion in 1996 and was named the Jack Nicklaus national player of the year.

He was named 1st team all-conference in 1995 & 1996. He was the individual Pac-10 conference champion in 1996, and the Pac-10 player of the year in both 1995 & 1996. He was nicknamed 'Urkel' by his college teammate and close friend Notah Begay III.

Since leaving Stanford, his golf career accomplishments are legendary including 15 major professional championships thru 2019.

He is the only player to have won 3 consecutive US Amateur and US Junior Amateur titles in a row. He is the only player to have ever won four consecutive major championships in 2000-2001. His 2000 US Open win by 15 shots at Pebble Beach was called 'the greatest performance in golf history' by Sports Illustrated - See the 44 minute Video Recap Below.

Tiger recalls his time at Stanford

"I had such a great time playing golf at Stanford. Just all the practicing, playing and qualifying. It was always fun being around each other.

What sets Stanford apart is the combination of quality athletics with an unmatched educational experience. Our Provost was Condeleeza Rice. My economics teacher was one of President Clinton's advisors. You don't see that at most schools.

It was so intellectually stimulating to be challenged all the time. There was no way I could compete against some of those people. They were so smart. One kid had a photographic memory, and another built a computer from scratch.

Playing golf at Stanford prepared me in understanding time management skills. To make it through there, you have to manage your time. It's one of the great things I learned.

I really enjoyed being stimulated by the students and professors. Some were geniuses and others were Olympic athletes. It's amazing how well-rounded they are. That's what's so cool about it. You must soak up that experience. It was one of the best times in my life." Tiger Woods

1995 Starters - Tiger, Notah Begay, Steve Burdick, Will Yanagisawa, Casey Martin

44 minutes - Perfection at the 2000 US Open, Pebble Beach

4:47 minutes - Grant Spaeth talks about Tiger at the World Cup

Accomplishments thru 2006