Stanford Men's Golf Team 2007 NCAA National Champions
History of Stanford Golf
Stanford's remarkable history has left its mark on the golf world.
Stanford Greats
The names are legendary: Little, Seaver, Rosburg, Watson & Woods and others.
Numerous All-Americans played at Stanford over the years.
National Champions
9 national championships have been won, including in 2019.
2019 2007 1994 1953 1946 1942 1941 1939 1938

1946 National Champion Team

Articles on National Championship
1944-46 Team archive in Stanford Yearbook
Past teams and players (1932-present)
Team and Individual Records


Frank (Jack) McCann's daughter Marilynn (McCann Darling) shares that Frank as he was called throughout his life "left for the championship the day after I was born in Stanford Hospital on June 16, 1946. I have heard the story all my life and have many clippings about how the team had to pay their own way to Princeton."