Stanford Men's Golf Team 9-Time National Champion
History of Stanford Golf
Stanford's remarkable history has left its mark on the golf world.
Stanford Greats
The names are legendary: Little, Seaver, Rosburg, Watson & Woods and others.
Numerous All-Americans played at Stanford over the years.
National Champions
9 national championships have been won, including in 2019.

All-Americans at Stanford

Past teams and players (1925 to Now)
Team & Individual Records

2016-17 Maverick McNealy 1st team Ping All-American
Nicklaus 1st Team
2015-16 Maverick McNealy Nicklaus 1st Team
Ping 1st Team
2015-16 David Boote Coach's Hon. Mention
2014-15 Maverick McNealy Nicklaus 1st Team
Ping 1st Team
2013-14 Patrick Rodgers First Team
2013-14 Cameron Wilson First Team
2013-14 David Boote Honorable Mention
2012-13 Patrick Rodgers Nicklaus 1st Team
2012-13 Cameron Wilson Third Team
2011-12 Patrick Rodgers First Team
2011-12 Andrew Yun Second Team
2010-11 Andrew Yun First Team
2009-10 David Chung Third Team
2009-10 Steve Ziegler Hon Mention
2009-10 Sihwan Kim Hon Mention
2008-09 Steve Ziegler Second Team
2008 Sihwan Kim First Team
2008 Rob Grube Third Team
2007 Rob Grube Second Team
2007 Joseph Bramlett Second Team
2007 Zack Miller Third Team
2007 Matt Savage Third Team
2007 Daniel Lim Hon Mention
2006 Rob Grube Third Team
2005 Rob Grube Hon Mention
2002 Phil Rowe Hon Mention
1999 Joel Kribel First Team
1998 Joel Kribel First Team
1997 Joel Kribel First Team
1996 Tiger Woods First Team
1996 Joel Kribel Hon Mention
1995 Tiger Woods First Team
1995 Notah Begay Second Team
1994 Casey Martin Second Team
1994 William Yanigisawa Second Team
1993 Steve Burdick Third Team
1992 Notah Begay Third Team
1992 Christian Cevaer Third Team
1991 Casey Martin Hon Mention
1990 Christian Cevaer Hon Mention
1985 Tim Robinson Third Team
1984 Scott Erickson Hon Mention
1981 Tim Robinson Hon Mention
1979 Steve Schroeder Hon Mention
1978 Mike Peck Second Team
1978 Doug Clarke Third Team
1977 Mike Peck Second Team
1976 Mike Peck Third Team
1975 Dave Baskins Third Team
1974 Dave Baskins Third Team
1974 George Pettinger Hon Mention
1974 Aly Trompas Hon Mention
1973 Dave Baskins Hon Mention
1973 Conrad Nilmeir Hon Mention
1973 Bob Steele Hon Mention
1972 Gary Vanier Third Team
1971 Tom Watson Second Team
1970 Tom Watson Second Team
1970 Gary Vanier Third Team
1969 Sandy Adelman Hon Mention
1969 Tom Watson Second Team
1968 Sandy Adelman Second Team
1967 Richard Harris Third Team
1966 Richard Harris Hon Mention
1965 Jim Rheim Hon Mention
1964 Jim Rheim Third Team
1963 Peter Choate Second Team
1962 Peter Choate Second Team
1961 Kent Winton Second Team
1960 Stephen Smith First Team
1960 Bill Seanor Third Team
1959 Bob Snelling Second Team
1959 Jack Lamey Third Team
1958 Bill Seanor Second Team
Before 1958 no All-American teams were selected.
All-American Scholars *
2016-17 Viraat Badhwar, Franklin Huang, Maverick McNealy
2015-16 David Boote, Viraat Badhwar, Maverick McNealy
2014-15 David Boote | Team Award
2013-14 Patrick Rodgers, Cameron Wilson
2012-13 Andrew Yun, Cameron Wilson
2011-12 Andrew Yun, David Chung,
Steven Kearney
20010-11 Steve Ziegler
2009-10 Steve Ziegler
2008-09 Dodge Kemmer
2008 Rob Grube
2007 Rob Grube
2007 Matt Savage
2006 Matt Savage
2005 Kevin Blue
2004 Kevin Blue
2004 Blake Mastalir
2003 George Downing
2003 Blake Mastalir
2003 Ron Won
2002 Phil Rowe, Blake Mastalir
2001 Phil Rowe, Eric Dahlberg
1999 David Searle
1995 Casey Martin
1990 Don Christensen
1989 Don Christensen
1989 Josh Zander
1986 Carl Wagner
1986 Don Walsworth
1985 Tim Robinson
1985 Scott Erickson
* In addition to being an outstanding student, All-American Scholars must have a low stroke average over the season. Before 1985 no Academic All-Americans were selected.