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Grant Spaeth Video Interview - October 2007

Grant was a member of the 1953 national championship golf team at Stanford.
He served as USGA President from 1990-92. Grant Spaeth's accomplishements and background

  • Part I - Grant talks about his early golf experiences in Uruguay, at PA High School and at Stanford - 9:47 minutes
  • Part II - Shares an experience with Tiger Woods when Grant captained a World Cup team - 4:47 minutes
  • Part III - Grant talks about Bob Rosburg at Stanford - 2:47 minutes
  • Part IV - Grant talks about his great Stanford teams and the outstanding teammates such as Fred Brown, Warren Dailey, Art Schroeder and others - 7:44 minutes
  • Part V - Grant talks about his boyhood friend and teammate Dick McElyea who became a Stanford Hall of Fame inductee - 2:12 minutes
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V